NTU Home Quarantine Return-Home Taxi Trip Subsidy Application(updated 2023/03/20)

Dear Students:
In accord with the Ministry of Education’s policy on May 16, 2022: “Due to the high density of school housing, in order to protect the health of boarding students, schools should encourage and guide confirmed case and close contact students to return home for home quarantine in accordance with the CECC and local sanitation units. To assist such students return home, the Ministry is subsidizing the whole expense of the travel fee, which will trace back starting April 26, 2022”.

A deadline for the Ministry subsidized the whole expense of travel fee was end Jan. 2023. Please fill out the following form and upload the receipt of the taxi if you have taken a quarantine taxi due to being a confirmed case: https://forms.gle/emdG1PFWeFur5Qqh6. And, please fill out the attached application form, attach the original receipt of the taxi and the copy of the bankbook, and bring it to the office of the Student Housing Service DivisionFor those who took a taxi during Aug. 1, 2022 to Jan. 31, 2023, 
please fill out the form and bring it to the office of the Student Housing Service Division before March. 31, 2023. After the Ministry of Education provides the grant, the University will start providing the subsidy to applicants.

If there has any related question, please contact anhua@ntu.edu.tw (02)33662266.

Best Regards,
Student Housing Service Division

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